Are your rooms private when you book a game?
Yes, all of our rooms are private to your party when you book a game at Thrashers Escape Rooms.


Can we schedule a corporate event for team building?
Yes, Call 319-385-8937 for more information.


Is there an age limit?
We generally advise that escape rooms are not suitable for kids under 10. The puzzles are typically too difficult for that age group, though we will make exceptions if they are part of a larger family group. Remember, even college students and adults find escape rooms a challenge! Adults are required to accompany groups that include minors.


When should we arrive?
Please arrive 15 mins before your booking time.


Do I need to bring anything?
You need to bring your digital ticket or print out of your ticket when you come to be checked in.


Are there cameras in the room?
Yes, there will be a camera in the rooms, so we can give you an appropriate clue if you get stuck.


Should we book a room in advance? Do you take Walk-ins?
The short answer is yes. You should book in advance:  This ensures that you don't waste your time driving here, only to find a locked door or a packed schedule. 
The long answer is:  If you show up and want to play, and we are here and have a game available, of course, you are welcome to play!
What cleaning measures and safety precautions are you taking after each game?

In response to the current crisis, we have adjusted operating procedures to ensure safety.


  • We have added extra time in our game schedule to allow for adequate time to clean the rooms between games.
  • Your group is private, this at least limits your exposure to the people you bring to the game.
  • Each room is sanitized between games with approved disinfectants. We regularly disinfect touchpoints in common areas.
  • We require the use of provided hand sanitizer before and after each game.
  • The staff will wear masks.
  • Games will run exactly on time
  • Cash payments are not allowed. Tickets will be purchased digitally on the website
  • To gain entry to the venue please arrive 15 mins before your game time to be checked-in


Do you have a group photo at the end?
Yes, We offer a group photo at the end whether you win or lose.
so come back and try all the different rooms.


How much does it cost to play?
All games are 60-Mins with 4-8 players
4 Players is $120 ($30 per person)
5 Players is $125 ($25 per person)
6 Players is $150 ($25 per person)
7 Players is $175 ($25 per person)
8 Players is $160 ($20 per person)
The more players, the better the deal!
Plus Credit Card and Processing Fees


Are tickets refundable?
All games are non-refundable.


Can you cancel your game?
No Cancellations will be accepted.


How do you get your digital ticket?
Once you check out and pay. You will receive a confirmation email of your purchase. Click on the view order and you should see a link at the top of your order the says Click_to_download_tickets. It will open a new window and you will have the option to download the ticket or add to Apple wallet.
Can I bring food and drink into the room?
No, you cannot bring food or drink into the room with you.
No alcoholic beverages will be permitted on grounds.
Visibly intoxicated guests cannot enter the escape room. No Refunds will be offered. We suggest that guests defer alcohol consumption until AFTER they have escaped the room. Guests need all of their faculties.


Can I bring my cell phone in the room?
No, Cell phones and other electronic devices are not needed in any of the rooms. Anything you need to solve the puzzles is provided somewhere in the room. Just search a little more! There are absolutely NO PICTURES/ VIDEOS to be taken within any of our escape rooms. We do not release any pictures or puzzles from within the rooms, so we ask that you do the same.
Keep the games a mystery! We ask that you please do not reveal the answers to others that may not have participated ... yet!


An extra thing to be helpful along the way


  1. The surest way to escape is by communicating openly with everyone else in the room. Share clues you’ve uncovered. Work together to make connections. If you discover new information, be sure everyone in the room knows about it. Teamwork is key!
  2. Follow the rules. Our staff will review the rules of the game with you before you begin, which include, but are not limited to:
  • Anything that needs to open will easily unlock with the correct combination, key, or tool. You don't need to use force to move or open anything. There is no need to lift or move heavy objects. If you need to reach something high or far away, do not stand or climb on anything, a tool will be provided to help you. Remember, this is a MENTAL challenge, not a PHYSICAL one. If you think you are working too hard, you probably are.
  • Do not guess combinations! Combinations have meanings from the game that need to be figured out. If you guess a combination, you may get confused and end up wasting valuable time.
  • There are no clues hidden in the walls, floors, ceilings, or electrical outlets. At no point in time do our electrical outlets turn into magical keyholes. The room is just there to contain the game.


Think you’re up for the challenge?